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Events listings

Evento is a PHP script you can install in your own server to create functional and easy to use events listings sites which you can then manage through the admin panel.

Full featured

Configure Evento to list events from all around the world or just from your city. It's multilingual, easy to translate and it's integrated with services like Google Maps and Recaptcha.

Open source license

The script is open source under the MIT license and it includes all the source code files which you can modify and extend to add or remove any feature you need for your site.

Evento script

Evento is licensed under the MIT open source license and includes all source code files, which allows you to modify the script in any way you want and use it as many times as you need for personal or commercial purposes. Evento is a PHP script that allows you to create your own events social network. Your users will be able to submit events, post comments and upload photos while you manage it all through an easy to use admin panel.

With Evento all the events can be categorized and tagged so your users can find the events they like, enlist themselves as attendees and start networking with like minded people even before the event starts.

Check out the demo site for a hands on experience or see the online documentation for more information.

Key features

  • Fully customizable. All PHP, HTML and JavaScript files are included.

  • Open license, buy once and install many times.

  • Free updates with new features and improvements.

  • English, Spanish and Italian translations included. Easy to translate.

  • Allow users to submit events, comments and upload photos.

  • Google Maps, Bit.ly and Recaptcha integration.

  • Responsive design. It looks good on desktop and mobile devices.

  • Atom xml feed and automatic sitemap.xml generation.

  • Complete admin panel to manage the site.

  • One step web installer.

  • Built with CakePHP and jQuery.


  • Apache server on Linux with mod_rewrite support (htaccess).

  • GD library and PDO with the MySQL driver.

  • PCRE with Unicode support.

  • PHP 5.2.8 or greater with LibGD.

  • MySQL 5.1 or greater.

  • Google Maps API Key.


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